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Infoswift has introduced an innovative application centred around app-based liquor management, employing a takeaway and delivery-based model. This cutting-edge application incorporates several new features conceptualized by Infoswift, embracing a hybrid model with a serverless architecture. 

The adoption of a serverless model signifies a departure from traditional practices, marking a new approach for Infoswift. In this model, the application operates without direct server involvement, reflecting a forward-thinking and streamlined method of managing liquor-related processes. This evolution represents Infoswift commitment to leveraging advanced technologies and models to enhance efficiency and redefine the landscape of liquor management applications.

The Story that Led to Innovation: :

The business requirement entails an offline application designed for effortless product upload and management, catering to the client’s internal user base. The application is specifically tailored for takeaways from preferred liquor stores in the United States and operates without reliance on a server. 

Infoswift has explored innovative solutions to facilitate the product upload process seamlessly. The chosen approach involves utilizing an “EXCEL” sheet as a medium for product data entry. Clients can manually input product details, including images, descriptions, and prices into the sheet. Upon submission, this information is automatically integrated into the application, making it instantly visible to customers for purchase. This streamlined process ensures efficient management and accessibility of product information within the offline application.

The Hitch :

The client’s request emphasizes the primary offline functionality of the application, and addressing the server-less model poses a challenge for us. The dedicated team is actively exploring various possibilities to ensure a seamless client-side mobile experience while prioritizing overall user satisfaction. 

The core objective is to design the entire application to function seamlessly offline, prioritizing ease of use. This involves developing robust features and functionalities that empower users to navigate and engage with the application effortlessly, even in the absence of a constant online connection. The team’s commitment is to create a user-friendly, offline experience that aligns with the client’s specific requirements and enhances overall usability.

Side Liners :

The application is designed as an offline platform where users can access product information, including visibility, detailed descriptions, and pricing. Users have the ability to seamlessly purchase products by adding them to the cart and completing transactions through a secure payment gateway. This offline functionality enhances the user experience, allowing for convenient browsing, selection, and purchase of products even in the absence of a continuous internet connection. The focus is on providing a robust and user-friendly shopping experience within the parameters of an offline application. 

The Conclusion:

This offline application operates on a server-less model and offers both takeaway and home delivery options, prioritizing ease of use for the users. The absence of the server ensures that the application functions seamlessly without constant internet connectivity. 

Users can easily navigate through the application, explore takeaway and home delivery options, and place orders effortlessly. The focus on user-friendly design aims to provide a straightforward experience for customers, facilitating convenient access to the desired services, whether for takeaway or home delivery. The application’s commitment to simplicity and offline functionality aligns with the goal of enhancing user convenience and accessibility. 

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