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In India, there exists a substantial dental infrastructure with over 300 dental institutes, 5000 dental labs, and a total of more than 1,80,000 dentists, including 80,000 specialists practicing across various disciplines. 

Recognizing the untapped potential of this industry, there is a need for a comprehensive network and marketplace solution to address the industry as a cohesive package. Bijbol stands out as a unique solution, serving as a platform for establishing a dental ecosystem. It not only creates opportunities but also plays a crucial role in educating dental students and fostering an exchange of thoughts for the continuous and enhanced growth of the dental industry.

The story that led to Innovation:

A team of dental professionals, possessing a deep understanding of and insight into the challenges faced by the dental industry, conducted extensive research to establish a dental network and marketplace, giving rise to Bijbol. 

Bijbol leverages technology to seamlessly bridge the gap between dental aspirants and experienced practitioners, facilitating easy connections within the dental community. Serving as a comprehensive solution, Bijbol caters to a diverse range of users, including dental students, dental labs, dental product suppliers, and dentists, providing them a fair and inclusive platform to showcase their relevant experiences. 

The Hitch:

In the current era of information and education, where over 24,500 dental graduates are added annually, valuable opportunities often go unnoticed due to a lack of accessible information. 

The absence of proper guidance and support poses a significant challenge for new and aspiring dental professionals seeking to establish their careers. 

Moreover, the dental industry faces a dearth of reliable educational support, making it a challenge for upcoming doctors to find suitable reference courses or materials to enhance their knowledge. This creates a situation where securing quality education and guidance becomes somewhat elusive in the field. 

Side Liners:

Bijbol emerges as a unified platform catering to various facets of the dental industry, serving as a comprehensive hub for education, job opportunities, practices, and product supplies. It stands as a one-stop-shop, facilitating seamless connections and collaborations within the dental community.


Whether you’re a dental student seeking education, a practitioner in search of job opportunities, a dental equipment supplier, or an aspirant in pursuit of a dental career, Bijbol stands as a singular solution addressing diverse needs within the dental industry. 

The Catchy:
Library :
  • Vision MDS & BDS NEET preparation Materials
  • Videos & PDF’s Subject wise
  • Expert Lecturers & Professional Trainers
Mock Tests/Vision MDS :
  • MCQ questions based on MDS NEET exam standard 

  • Daily Tests 

  • Short- & Long-term preparation Plans 

Dental Clinics :
  • Dental Clinics Business Listing 

  • Clinics level Doctors Appointments 

  • Job & Case Studies Postings

  • Banners & Ads placement 

Consultants :
  • Individual Doctors profile listing 

  • Looking for OP’s & Slots Booking 

Events :
  • Events, Webinars Organizing 

  • In-App Registration System with Communication Support 

  • Payment gateway Integration & support 

  • Collaborate with Community Doctors 

  • Banners & Ad’s Placement for Event promotions 

Social Media Interactions :
  • Learn & share ongoing current topics with community 

  • Like, Share, Comment, Tag 

  • Case Studies

  • Expert dentists and they work showcasing 

Jobs :
  • Jobs, Internship & Consulting Feed Posting
  • Career Opportunities
Suppliers :
  • Dental Products Suppliers Listing 

  • Clinics level Order placement 

  • Banners & Ads placement for Product’s & Prices