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The US wholesale distribution industry, boasting an annual sales figure of approximately $7 trillion, comprises around 330,000 companies. For the period spanning from 2015 to 2021, forecasts indicate a steady annual compounded growth rate of 5 percent in the output of this industry. 

Within the United States, the 50 largest distributors collectively contribute to 25% of the industry’s total revenue. Notably, a respected industry overview has characterized the growth of the wholesale distribution sector over the past decade as ‘above average’ compared to other industries. Over this period, distributor revenue experienced a remarkable 60% increase. 

The story that led to Innovation:

Recognizing the challenges faced by our friend, a distributor unfamiliar with technology but eager to seamlessly connect with store owners, Infoswift is committed to addressing this need. In response, we have embarked on the development of a user-friendly mobile application. 

Our objective is to create a mobile application that is not only easy for individuals unfamiliar with technology to comprehend but also highly effective in bridging the communication gap between distributors and store owners. Through the strategic use of impactful technology, our aim is to cater to a diverse range of distributor networks, ensuring that the benefits extend across various contexts within the industry.

The Hitch:

Infoswift is committed to not only supporting distributors and store owners but also to transforming the landscape of communication within the industry. 

Recognizing the prevalent challenges, many distributors rely on outdated accounting software that hinders rather than aids their operations. The data is often scattered across multiple locations, exacerbating the situation with the inclusion of paper forms that necessitate manual entry or re-entry by company employees. This cumbersome process significantly impacts the efficient management of day-to-day activities. Infoswift aims to revolutionize this scenario by introducing a streamlined and integrated solution that transcends the limitations of current systems, enhancing overall operational efficiency for distributors and store owners. 

Side Liners:

Infoswift is dedicated to fostering seamless communication between distributors and store owners by prioritizing ease of use and providing a diverse range of options. Our goal is to establish a user-friendly platform that facilitates effortless interaction, ensuring that both distributors and store owners can connect with ease and efficiency. 

By offering a variety of communication options, Infoswift seeks to cater to the diverse preferences and needs of users. Whether through intuitive interfaces, messaging features, or collaborative tools, we aim to create a comprehensive solution that empowers distributors and store owners to engage effortlessly, fostering a more connected and efficient business ecosystem.


Recognizing the expansive nature of distributor networks coupled with a significant technological support gap in comparison to other industries, Invenspace emerges as a definitive solution. 

Invenspace is poised to address the challenges faced by distributors and store owners, offering a comprehensive answer to their problems. By providing robust technological support, Invenspace aims to bridge the existing gap, empowering distributors and store owners with efficient tools and solutions tailored to the unique needs of the distribution industry. This platform stands as a transformative force, elevating technological capabilities within the distributor network for enhanced productivity and connectivity. 

The Catchy:
Distributor :
  • Total received Orders. 

  • Invoice 

  • Add Products or inventory. 

  • Payments 

  • Store owners list 

  • QR Code scanner for products purchase 

  • 1-year sales data 

  • Sales details 

  • Chatbot between (Distributor & Store owner) 

Store Owner:
  • Total Orders

  • Invoice 

  • Add inventory. 

  • Payments 

  • Distributors list 

  • QR Code scanner for products purchase 

  • 1-year orders data 

  • Order details 

  • Chatbot between (Distributor & Store owner)