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Overview: stands out as a unique product, exclusively designed to provide comprehensive insights into crop health and facilitate the analysis of crop stress and water requirements. Through advanced analytics, this innovative tool empowers farmers with a deep understanding of their crops, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding the specific needs and requirements for optimal growth. goes beyond traditional methods, offering real-time tools that enable farmers to proactively manage and address the evolving needs of their crops. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, this product plays a pivotal role in enhancing crop management practices, contributing to more efficient and sustainable agricultural practices

The Story that Led to Innovation: :

In response to the identified challenges, a dedicated team of four experts—comprising farmers, water resources specialists, data scientists, and software experts—embarked on the development of a web and mobile application under the name This application serves as a valuable tool for farmers, allowing them to monitor water usage levels for each individual crop. goes beyond conventional approaches by actively monitoring irrigation practices for potential inconsistencies. In cases of under or overwatering, the application promptly alerts both the growers and subscribers, enabling them to take corrective action. Leveraging a combination of historic data, near-real-time remote sensing data, meteorological models, and AI-generated forecasts, provides farmers with concise, accurate, and actionable irrigation information. This approach ensures that farmers receive timely insights to optimize their irrigation strategies and enhance crop management practices. 

The Hitch :

The escalating water consumption in crop production has emerged as a critical bottleneck, and projections indicate that global water infrastructure costs may surge fourfold to $150 billion annually by 2030 from 2017 levels, as estimated by the World Bank. The pricing in the Water Bank currently ranges from USD 41 to USD 142 per 1,000 m3. 

With the cost of water for crops on a continuous upward trend, the looming scarcity underscores the urgent need for water preservation and conservation efforts. The repercussions of this challenge are evident, with over 300,000 small farms disappearing in the United States due to the lack of proper technological support for crop water management and stress checks. Addressing this issue is crucial to the sustainability of agriculture and the preservation of small-scale farming operations. 


Side Liners :

The application is designed as a comprehensive solution for farmers, offering a low-cost model that is globally accessible. It encompasses both web and mobile platforms, providing a hybrid mobile application that ensures farmers can access critical information and tools regardless of their location. This approach not only makes the application cost-effective but also enhances its reach, ensuring that farmers around the world can benefit from the valuable insights and features it provides. The hybrid mobile application seamlessly combines the advantages of both web and mobile platforms, delivering an accessible and efficient tool for farmers to manage crop water needs effectively. 

The Conclusion:

Indeed, serves as a multifaceted application that goes beyond traditional crop management. It actively monitors various aspects related to water usage, crop stress, irrigation schedules, and water needs. The platform is designed to maximize crop yield by providing comprehensive insights into crop health and other critical parameters. Through the integration of advanced technologies like AI, ML, and geospatial intelligence, offers farmers a powerful tool to enhance their decision-making processes, optimize irrigation practices, and ultimately contribute to achieving higher crop yields while promoting sustainable water management practices. 

The Catchy: harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to deliver precise, accurate, and actionable information for farmers. By employing advanced algorithms, the platform ensures that the insights provided are not only insightful but also tailored to the specific needs of each farmer. 

The platform is strategically designed and deployed on Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure. Leveraging the capabilities of Azure allows for the swift development, training, and deployment of forecasting models, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in delivering real-time information to farmers. 

Furthermore, incorporates geospatial intelligence into its framework by leveraging ESRI, a leading provider of location intelligence solutions. The powerful ArcGIS software from ESRI is employed for the collection, management, and analysis of geospatial data. This integration enhances the platform’s capabilities in utilizing location-based information, providing farmers with a comprehensive tool for optimizing crop management based on geographical insights.