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The Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation Ltd (TSREDCO), a government entity of Telangana State, entrusted Infoswift with the design, development, and ongoing maintenance of their website. This milestone project marked a significant achievement for Infoswift, as it involved working from the project’s inception to its successful closure. 

This extensive website boasts over 100 pages and is expected to attract a viewership of over 1 Lakh+ on a daily basis. Setting it apart from other government websites, this project represents a unique model, showcasing a distinctive approach in terms of design, functionality, and user engagement. 

Infoswift ‘s involvement in this comprehensive project signifies our commitment to delivering innovative and impactful solutions, contributing to the success and efficiency of a crucial government entity in the field of renewable energy development. 

The Story that Led to Innovation: :

The TSREDCO team sought a fresh and contemporary approach for their website, recognizing the need to deviate from standard protocols often seen in many government websites. In response, Infoswift seized the opportunity to bring a new-age design to the forefront. 

Our design team proposed an Illustrator model, introducing illustrations for various departments like Energy Conservation, Solar Energy, Other Renewable Energies, E-Mobility, and more. Working closely with the TSREDCO team, InfoSwift meticulously designed colour schemes and patterns based on their valuable suggestions. This collaborative effort allowed us to infuse the website with modern design trends while ensuring alignment with the unique requirements and vision of TSREDCO. The result is a visually appealing and forward-thinking website that stands out in the realm of government entities.

The Research :

Acknowledging the importance of adhering to specific guidelines, such as the Guidelines for Indian Government Websites (GIGW), we approached the design and development of the TSREDCO website with a commitment to quality, accessibility, security, and risk management. Ensuring compliance with the latest standards, particularly GIGW 3.0, was a top priority. 

In line with STQC (Standardisation Testing and Quality Certification) standards, we navigated the design and development process meticulously. Obtaining timely approvals from the TSREDCO team played a crucial role in meeting these stringent standards. This comprehensive approach reflects our dedication to creating a website that not only aligns with regulatory requirements but also prioritizes quality, accessibility, and security in accordance with industry standards and guidelines. 

Implemented Items for Website:

Payment Gateway Integration 

Illustrations for all Departments 

SEO Tracker 

User Count Tracker 

Language Selection 

Solar Calculator Implementation 

Other Government portals redirections. 

Department wise Galleries 

Achievements updates 

Tenders upload 

Email integration 

Maintenance of entire website (that includes- Content Updates, gallery updates, tender updates, Gateway support).