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Enterprises endeavor to maintain the well-being of their workforce by consistently and promptly monitoring health metrics. They seek a health system that proficiently tracks the overall well-being of their staff. 

Physicians require a system that enables them to effectively oversee the health of their patients, and similarly, patients need a tool to monitor their health history. 

Yira AI seamlessly integrates technology and health management, addressing the health monitoring requirements of doctors, patients, and organizations alike. 

The story that led to Innovation:

A team of seasoned doctors, drawing from their extensive experience, identified a significant gap in the “Care Continuum” existing between healthcare providers and patients. Additionally, organizations express a growing need to regularly assess the health status of their staff, particularly in the aftermath of a pandemic. 

Motivated by a passion to revolutionize healthcare, a technologically adept team of doctors initiated YIRA AI  to effectively address and bridge these gaps. YIRA conducts comprehensive health audits and harnesses the potential of data to present realistic visual health dashboards. 

The Hitch:

Recognizing the challenges faced by our friend, a distributor unfamiliar with technology but eager to seamlessly connect with store owners, Infoswift is committed to addressing this need. In response, we have embarked on the development of a user-friendly mobile application. 

Our objective is to create a mobile application that is not only easy for individuals unfamiliar with technology to comprehend but also highly effective in bridging the communication gap between distributors and store owners. Through the strategic use of impactful technology, our aim is to cater to a diverse range of distributor networks, ensuring that the benefits extend across various contexts within the industry.

Side Liners:

Yira AI serves as a repository for preserving comprehensive health histories, enhancing the connection between doctors and patients, and enabling organizations to glean valuable health insights.


YIRA AI aspires to empower individuals, organizations, families, groups, governments, NGOs, and hospitals to derive value from health data, contributing to the creation of a healthier and more robust community.

The Catchy:
Yira AI provides the following options to the general user:
  • Prescriptions management
  • Lifestyle analysis
  • Medicine reminders
  • Doctors recommendations
  • Share your reports to doctors
Yira AI comes with the following options for the doctors :
  • Doctors dashboard

  • Patients list

  • Switch organizations

  • Setting priority patients as favorites

  • Patient recommendations

Yira AI comes with the following options for the organizations :
  • Organizational staff tests

  • Health analysis report

  • Doctors recommendations.

  • Ease of use web dashboard.

  • Customizable brand view of the dashboard

  • Real-Time Data Analytics